Sophia Camp: Story Through Photos

Blog post by: Nayana Peterhans

During the Sophia camp we did many things throughout the whole day.  Each morning we started by going on a nature walk.  Each nature walk had to do with what element we where learning about that day.  The elements are fire, water, air, space, and earth.  On the day of air we went to a swamp, with many different birds flying around in the air and through the wind.  Here are some photos from the nature walk we did on the day of air:

naturewalk4  naturewalk6  nature walk 1  naturewalk3naturewalk2  naturewalk7

The next day, it was fire day, and we went to a native plant garden and learned about how the plants here in San Diego survive the hot sun and desert climate.  Here are some photos from fire day:

naturewalk1  nature walk2
naturewalj4  naturewalk3

And lastly for water day we went to the Women’s Museum of California in Point Loma and learned how women have gained rights throughout history, and are still gaining rights.  We also got to try on some dresses from different eras.

naturewalk 1  naturewalk 2 naturewalk3  naturewalk4

After the nature walks we came back to the house and got a chance to go into the pool before lunch was served.

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Each day at lunch we had homemade vegetarian food and also a guest speaker, a woman leader who came to talk to us.

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Lastly at the end of the day we did some arts, craft, and self care products.  Each day we made a flower with words on it describing you as a person, but the words related to the element we had learned about that day: earth, fire, water, air, and space.  One day we also got a small art lesson and got to learn how to draw a lotus flower!!  The self care products were made from all natural ingredients.

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The Sophia camp provided a platform for the girls to bond and make new friendships and discover the leader in each one of us!

Sophia Camp Summer 2014

Announcing  the Sophia Leadership Camp for Girls, 2014!
August 4-8, 9am-4pm 

A week of playful activities for young girls designed to cultivate empowered leadership, self-esteem, inner wisdom, and strength. 

Sophia CampIn a time of rapid growth and great pressure, the Sophia camp offers young women an opportunity to explore their strengths and unique wisdom in a nourishing environment that will help guide them through the transformative Middle School years with a strong sense of self.

Campers at our Leadership Camp will enjoy Yoga, nature hikes, a healthy and delicious lunch each day, art and self-expressive activities, group dialogue, self-care crafts, and gentle restorative practices in a beautiful, warm, and intimate setting in Point Loma, near NTC and its parks, and museums.    IMG_3466

A Day in the Life of a Sophia Camp Girl

* Empowerment exercises and stress management tools
* Practices to cultivate concentration,
* Movement, art, creativity and Self-Expression
* Leadership Training, Music, Yoga, Dance, and FUN
* An opportunity to meet and get advice from inspiring leaders in our community
* A visit to the Women’s Museum of California to dress up in historical costumes and role play
* Learn healthy food habits and the practice of self-care.

*Sophia Camp Brochure*

Laura PlumbOUR TEAM

The Sophia Camp for Girls is the vision of founder Laura Plumb. As an Ayurvedic counselor, Laura is deeply schooled in this ancient approach to wellness that considers optimal health as an integration of body, mind and spirit. Laura is also the co-founder of the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts in San Diego. #Camp

Carolyn Sanders Kull is our Sophia Camp Director.  Carolyn has always had a passion for mentoring young women.  She volunteered with StandUp for Kids for five years, working with “at risk youth.”  She is a graduate of the Deep Yoga Mastery of Life Training & Deep Yoga Ayurveda Immersion.  Her open heart and youthful spirit allows her to connect in a way that encourages honesty and self love. Areli

Areli Perez takes over from Ananda Pond as our Camp Counsellor. Areli is an artist, a co-founder of Save the Sweetwater Project, to preserve our local rivers, and a graduate of the Deep Yoga Teacher Training.


Regina Bernal is our Sophia Camp Ambassador, coordinating our Lunch with Leaders program, where we invite women in diverse leadership roles to join us and our campers for a lively, conversational lunch.


Please fill out the Sophia Camp 2014 Registration Form and return to us via Carolyn Sanders Kull (contact information is on the form). Once we receive this and your payment, we will be in touch with you to complete the registration. IMG_3486

Cost: $275
Early Bird Price: $225 before June 30.


Register Now for the Early Bird  (pay pal link here)

Scholarships are available.

Scholarship Registration (pay pal link)


For more information, please contact: Carolyn Sanders Kull 619) 820-0806 Our Camp goes from 9am – 4pm each day. We also have early drop (8am) and late pick up (5pm) available for an extra $12 a day. Please email Carolyn for arrangements.

Thank you!