Support Sophia Camp


Thank you for your interest in our Sophia Camp.

“I saw so much growth in Ella in just a week with your nurturing & guidance. The validation & acceptance she found at Sophia Camp is priceless. Her story is both heartfelt & heart warming, and as her mom I am delighted at the happy ending! Thank you.”

Our Campers and their families tell us all year long how joyful and impactful their Sophia Camp experience was. You can see examples of happy faces, inspired minds, awakened hearts in posts and photos all over this website.

If you are inspired to help us reach more girls, we would love to have your support.

5 Ways You Can Help

1. Make a Donation.
2. Sponsor a girl to go to Camp.
3. Attend our Camp Benefit Party, or throw your own event*.
4. Help at our Benefit, or donate an item to auction.
5. Share & post. The Sophia Camp is strengthening young women and changing lives. Please help us get the word out – send links, flyers, even recipes, to your friends, or post to your social media channels.

*If you are interested in planning your own fundraiser, please contact Gianna Biscontini at

Together we can lift up our girls and help them lift up our world. 

Thank you!
ur Sophia Camp Team


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