2016 Sophia Camp!


Last year was a wonderful year for the Sophia Camp and we are endlessly grateful for all the support we continue to gain over the years. Our mission to inspire and empower young girls through values and leadership continues to draw interested community partners and individuals excited to support and grow our organization. In addition, our talented high school campers visiting from Italy crafted a gorgeous and heartwarming video to help us spread the word about Sophia Camp. Check it out (below this post)!

2016 is shaping up to be another exciting year as we transition to a fun and engaging leadership-based model. In the works are activities aimed at increasing self-awareness, managing failures to build resilience, identifying and anchoring our girls to their unique values and, of course, maintaining a culture of creativity, fun and wellness.

Keep visiting our site to learn about exciting updates throughout the year 🙂

~ Gianna

The Sophia Camp 2016 Movie

sophia camp

Camp this year was better than ever! We had such fun swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, boogie boarding, walking, biking and doing Yoga. There was so much learned and shared, and above all, there was such fantastic camaraderie.

As soon as the week finished, a few of the “Sophia leaders” – high school age Campers – got together to make this movie summary of Camp. We called it our music video as it is put to fellow camper Bryn Bennett’s song Be Who You Are. 

Let us know what you think of the movie made by our Campers. We love hearing from you, and appreciate your sharing.


A Typical Day at Sophia Camp

A post by our Sophia Campers Emma and Mapi ~

At Sophia Camp, we started the morning by doing yoga with Miss Morgan.

Morning Yoga

Morning YogaAfter that, we talked about the element of the day, like water, fire, space, air or earth.

Girls with Devi
Every day we went to the beach and swam, then we had lunch with leaders, which we all loved!camp lunch with grace

Beth Brummitt

Janice Hsu

IMG_7812 copy

After lunch, we made self care lotions and creams:

sophia camp selfcare-web

cucumber eyes
Then we went to the yoga studio, to write, draw and update our journals.


Joyce in Circle

sophia yantra
At the end of the day, we rested and meditated.


devitas shavasana

At Sophia Camp, we had a lot of fun and made lots of friends!
Here are some of our favorite photos! 😉


Sophia Camp Warrior Pose

camp circle_web
sophia camp play_web
Maizy Sabina




Thanks everyone!

With love,
Mapi & Emma

Period Pads for Africa

Kenya 2015_2

Sophia Camp has a friend in Days for Girls International. When Teagen McClain, San Diego team leader, stopped in last summer, campers sat around the coffee table hand-threading dozens of drawstring bags to hold colorful DfG menstrual kits that are now in the grateful hands of our sisters in Kenya and Malawi, Africa…

Kenya 2015Malawi 2015Days for Girls has teams all over the world, with local volunteers right here in San Diego who sew at home and meet monthly to cut fabric and assemble kits for traveling aid workers. They pose these important questions: “What if not having sanitary supplies meant DAYS without school, DAYS without income, DAYS without leaving the house? Girls use leaves, mattress stuffing, newspaper, corn husks, rocks, anything they can find…but still miss up to two months of school every year. It turns out this issue is a surprising but instrumental key to social change for women all over the world. The poverty cycle can be broken when girls stay in school.

All women everywhere have periods, and healthier options for people and planet are readily available for most of us. “From a common sense perspective, the choice to wash and reuse cloth menstrual pads is a simple one, akin to using stainless steel water bottles, cloth shopping bags or rechargeable batteries in lieu of their single-use counterparts.” So say the good people of Lunapads, Canadian makers of both cloth pads and the reusable Diva Cup. There is even a local company OTRgirls that will deliver organic cotton tampons to your door each month!

There are many ways to help. To learn more about Days for Girls please leave a comment in the space below.

Meanwhile we look forward to welcoming Teagen and DfG back to our Sophia Camp next week!

Camp Daily Schedule

Sophia Camp Schedule – Coronado – 2015

8-8:30 Arrive: Ferry Landing M, W, F & Coronado Community Center Park T, TH
8:30am Yoga
9-10am Themed Interactions:  Nature Explore  |  Exercises
10-11 Play & Swim
11-11:30   Park Play – M, W, F: Spreckel’s Park – T, Th: BoatHouse Park
11:30 Lunch with Leaders
12:15  Self-care Workshop
12:45  Coronado Yoga Studio
1:30 Journal
2pm Art Activity
2:45   Pack Up
3:00 Listening Circle
3:30 Restorative Yoga
4pm   Home: Pick up at Coronado Yoga Studio 8th & Orange
Sally will be returning on the ferry & your child can return with her as well – The ferry returns to the Broadway Pier at 4:45 pm. If you wish to use the ferry as transportation, please be prompt.

How We Get There Matters

Coronado Ferry
Photo: E-Coronado

We are excited to be hosting the Sophia Camp in Coronado this summer, where we have access to parks, beaches, nature walks and a delightful private Yoga studio. If you are planning to attend our Camp, or to just visit our little island this summer, we would like to offer a few green ways to getting there.

The Coronado Ferry is the most elegant way to cross San Diego Bay. For their daily journey to Sophia Camp, August 3-7, we’re inviting campers to gather downtown at the Broadway Pier at 8:00am to arrive just in time for morning yoga at the Coronado Ferry Landing. Each day the ferry will return to the Broadway Pier at 4:45pm.

Public Transit Bus 901 is another great resource both over the bridge from downtown San Diego, and up the Silver Strand via Imperial Beach for commuters from the South Bay.

Once you’re on the island, everything is walkable – and the city is providing a Free Summer Shuttle that runs every 30 minutes for locals and visitors alike. Check out all the low-impact and fun transportation options at the Coronado Visitors Center.

It’s part of our mission to care for the Earth as we learn more about self-care, self-esteem and self-regulation. Our aim is to make this a zero waste event by encouraging everyone to drive less, to bring lunches in reusable containers, and to compost leftover food, art supplies and anything else you can think of!

Thanks to Sally Tinker Smith, our Chief Sustainability Genius, for this research and article!

Thank You for an Amazing Benefit!

A heart felt thank you to our donors & to all who attended the Sophia Camp Benefit, April 18.  Our success would not have been possible without you.  Click here to view our photo book, lovingly crafted by photographer Shannon Jones.

sophia benefit 2015Thank You Donors!

Women’s Museum of CaliforniaSolare LoungeGingerly Wax, Laura PlumbChef Joann, Wild Willow Farms, Recipe RenovatorMission Surf, Gingerly Wax, d Forsythe Unique Jewelry, Aroma Vedic, Often Wander, Noon, Ginseng Yoga, Coronado Taste of Oils, OTR Girls, Eva Brune, Amanda Collins, Tah Groen Jewelry, Nature’s Wisdom, Fitzee Foods, Free Bird Yoga Massage, The HOT SPOT Pottery Place, Shannon Jones Photography, Humming Heart Events, Jenifer Richardson, Ed Fink, Lindsay Willrick, Regina Bernal, Lauren Grace, Casa Del Rio Properties LLC, Marjorie MacKenzie, Trader Joe’s, Alina Cruz, Morgan Andersen, Andi Marshall

What Is Sophia?

Carolyn Sanders-Kull, our camp director, & her granddaughter Jordan
Carolyn Sanders-Kull with her granddaughter Jordan

Recently, I was asked the question ~ What is Sophia and why does it matter? According to Wikipedia, in ancient Greece, Sophia was the term for Wisdom. Sophia is known as the feminine counterpoint to the masculine. She is the “Spirit which circulates through & binds together…” She is divine wisdom.

To me, Sophia is an open heart, she is the essence of Love. She is the light in the darkness, the whisper on a dark night ~ she is the dark night that gives birth to new life. The Radiance of the moon & the light of the stars, she is the radiance shining through my eyes. And courage, courage to follow my path… to light my path, to be the light.

Sophia is passion & compassion. The calm in the storm & sometimes the storm. She is grace, forgiveness, surrender. Not giving up surrender, but yielding surrender ~ trusting what isn’t seen, what is still unknown.

Sophia is homemade soup and ginger for my tummy. The voice of mother, grandmother from a time long ago. Sophia is that ancient wisdom, that small still voice ~ the innate knowing when we listen.

And why does she matter? Because she is an open heart, the very essence of love. She is the light in the darkness & the radiance that shines through my eyes. Divine wisdom, before there was time. Let us remember her through the wisdom of our grandmothers, through the wisdom of the land. Let us remember her in the waters. Respecting her voice when we hear it in others, when we hear her in ourselves.

With love,

Carolyn is a graduate of Deep Yoga’s Mastery of Life program, Director of the Sophia Camp, and a stepmom & grandmother to four beautiful girls.  Her life’s work is to mentor young women.