Sophia Camp 2019: Day 2


Tuesday at Camp is always special as the shyness of Day 1 recedes and the real person begins to emerge, so we had another great day with incredible campers and awesome presenters!

We began with Lindsay Russo again, this time leading Partner Yoga which was invigorating and connecting. Our Camp Counselor Areli talked about the Water element today and gave the girls various healthy bites so they could experience the Six Tastes of natural foods. Molly Meekin, a water resources expert, came in and had us taste different kinds of water – fresh rainwater, reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis with minerals added back, and delicious mountain spring water. It sounds science-y and it was, but it was also interactive, experiential, relevant, and playful.

Our lunch-time leader today was Dolores Forsythe of Dforsythe Jewelry, a successful and creative business here in Coronado. Dolores talked about growing up in rural Texas where she dreamed of a big life, how she met the big challenges of life, and what she’s learned along the way. {Hint: Believe in Yourself!}

Dolores brought beads and crystals and showed the girls how to make their own bracelets as wearable reminders of their super powers

Finally, Maria Diaz came and led the girls through a gorgeous Yoga Nidra, where the girls got to sink into the restful beauty of their own true nature.


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