The Five Elements of Leadership

We are so excited to be premiering at this summer’s Sophia Camp a new program for High School age girls. We’ve always wanted to grow with our girls, to be able to continue to offer them enriched learning and life skills in a creative, playful and fun setting, age appropriate and supportive. This year we are doing just that with our new Five Elements of Leadership Youth TrainingFive Element Leadership Training

High School age campers will attend Camp, enjoy all the classes and teachings, all the play and all the fun, while assisting leaders and attending to the younger girls as Junior Counselors in the morning. In the afternoons, there will be daily break away sessions with dedicated mentor leaders, exploring the principles of the five elements to cultivate a vision, a mission and empowerment for their lives.

Our high school program is small, so the girls get a lot of attention and encouragement. The mentor teachers who come in to lead are life coaches, school teachers, behavorial therapists and community leaders devoted to lifting up our youth and invoking in them the power to rise, to lead, and to live radiantly.


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