Art Brain: Teacher & Artist Marjorie MacKenzie Believes Everyone is Wired to Create

Marjorie MEach day at camp, after our Lunch with Leaders series, Sophia Campers gather in a circle for creative time. One day we journal, one day we make self-care products from natural ingredients, and one favorite day we gather to paint with our beloved Marjorie MacKenzie.

Marjorie has been teaching children and adults for 25 years and has traveled extensively to explore artists in different parts of the world. For example, she is just back from a trip to Spain where she discovered Spanish artist Joaquin Sorolla!

Marjorie teaches directed drawing, watercolor, acrylic, collage and pottery, with a special love for color and mixing media like ink with watercolor and collage. Her passion is art history and mixed media.

She likes to quote Vincent Van Gogh who said to those who say they can’t, “Just start painting and you will find that you can paint!”

Our afternoons at camp with Marjorie are magical. She teaches us that anyone can draw or paint and everyone is an artist in some way.  We are so honored to have her, and look forward to getting colorful with her this summer!

To learn more about her art, or her individual and group classes, you can contact Marjorie at 619-990-1357.



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