What Is Sophia?

Carolyn Sanders-Kull, our camp director, & her granddaughter Jordan
Carolyn Sanders-Kull with her granddaughter Jordan

Recently, I was asked the question ~ What is Sophia and why does it matter? According to Wikipedia, in ancient Greece, Sophia was the term for Wisdom. Sophia is known as the feminine counterpoint to the masculine. She is the “Spirit which circulates through & binds together…” She is divine wisdom.

To me, Sophia is an open heart, she is the essence of Love. She is the light in the darkness, the whisper on a dark night ~ she is the dark night that gives birth to new life. The Radiance of the moon & the light of the stars, she is the radiance shining through my eyes. And courage, courage to follow my path… to light my path, to be the light.

Sophia is passion & compassion. The calm in the storm & sometimes the storm. She is grace, forgiveness, surrender. Not giving up surrender, but yielding surrender ~ trusting what isn’t seen, what is still unknown.

Sophia is homemade soup and ginger for my tummy. The voice of mother, grandmother from a time long ago. Sophia is that ancient wisdom, that small still voice ~ the innate knowing when we listen.

And why does she matter? Because she is an open heart, the very essence of love. She is the light in the darkness & the radiance that shines through my eyes. Divine wisdom, before there was time. Let us remember her through the wisdom of our grandmothers, through the wisdom of the land. Let us remember her in the waters. Respecting her voice when we hear it in others, when we hear her in ourselves.

With love,

Carolyn is a graduate of Deep Yoga’s Mastery of Life program, Director of the Sophia Camp, and a stepmom & grandmother to four beautiful girls.  Her life’s work is to mentor young women.


4 thoughts on “What Is Sophia?

  1. Beautiful Carolyn Sanders-Kull!
    Sophia has drawn me to live in connectivity to that still small voice, embodying her and sometimes turning down or turning up the volume so others can find their own voice and allow it to be heard and followed. Peace

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