Valentine’s Day Self-Care

Happy February ladies! Hope you’ve had a beautiful year so far.

A highlight for me this past year was definitely being invited to share my passion with all of you by showing you how to make a few self-care products.

craft-table morgan a
Campers and Moms at our Sophia Camp Reunion –  Morgan is second from the right.

I’ve been swapping beauty tips since I was a kid, so it makes sense that I became an Esthetician. Now my job is to pamper and educate people on achieving happy healthy skin. In school I learned healthy skin comes from a combination of lifestyle, diet, and self-care products. So then, in my mind great skins must stem from the kitchen.

That’s where I keep my ingredients for life. Delicious meal supplies that double as ingredients to make natural skin care. It’s a playground where I mix up all kinds of goodies that enrich the body from the inside out, as well as to treat from the outside in.

When I hear “February” a few things jump into my mind. Love, chocolate, and roses. Valentine’s Day is a great time to get all your girls together and celebrate love with self-care that incorporates these items. I’m talking about delicious and edible facial masks that provide your skin with deep nutrients, can help clear acne, hydrate, repair and balance skin. All while you get to play with your girlfriends looking like a chocolate mud monster!

The Benefits of Rose & Chocolate

a rose from my garden

Roses have long a symbol of beauty. Originally, admired for their fragrance and elegant pedals these flowers were once used by the Greeks and Romans to perfume their bathes. Roses remain widely popular ingredient in the beauty industry today. In addition to their esthetic appeal and fragrance, they offer deeply healing benefits to the skin.

Remember the rose water cleanser we made this summer? Well, did you know that it was acting as an antibacterial (giving you a deep cleanse), anti-inflammatory (reducing any swelling/irritation), giving your skin a strong dose of antioxidants (stay looking young forever), hydrating, relaxing, and toning your skin? It’s mind blowing… To think, I have this powerful skin revolutionizing tool growing in my front yard.

Let’s talk raw Dark Chocolate. This definitely a favorite treat of mine. Its deep luxurious flavor seems to “hit the spot” anytime I have a piece.

Plus, eaten in small amounts it provides many health benefits for the internal body and skin. How delightful that we can enjoy our chocolate by eating it, or covering ourselves in it. When consumed raw dark chocolate aids digestion, and help reduce stress by balancing hormones. Similarly, it helps balance hormones on the skin when used as a facial/skin mask. Provide your skin with antioxidants that support collagen to keep skin supple, hydrated, prevents fine lines, and even can repair UV damage from the sun.

Now that you know the science, here’s a fun Chocolate & Rose mask idea for you girls to try out!



1 tablespoon Dark Chocolate
1 tablespoon Olive Oil, Almond Oil or Coconut Oil
2 tablespoons Rose water
Option: Add Avocado (essential fatty acids help hydrate)


Warm the Chocolate until it becomes liquid. stir together with 1 your chosen Oil,  and the Rose Water. Add in the the optional Avocado (will make mask thicker) if desired. Mix together well.

Check the temperature of the mixture to be sure it’s comfortable before applying. If it feels good, begin to spread the mask onto your face and even bring it down your neck. Let sit for about 15 minutes, just long enough to take some silly photos! Then rinse clean with warm water.

Enjoy! I’d love to hear how your skin feels after, and see those chocolate mask photos, so please be sure to share here in the comments! Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

Keep Shining,
Morgan Andersen

For more on Edible Beauty, check out this post Laura put on her blog. I love her poetic writing style, and she’s also listed a few recipes you might have fun with.

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