Sophia Camp Reunion Leadership Keynote

katy on leadershipAt our recent Mother-Daughter Sophia Camp Reunion, Katy Taylor was our guest speaker. She talked about how we can learn from our defining moments, including the ones we experience as girls and young woman, to help grow and become an authentic leader.

Katy said, “Being a leader means being able to be gracious and respectful while also being assertive. It means being calm and steady in times of turmoil. A light that guides.

Think about what experiences you have had that you have learned from. How will they help define who you are… and how you lead?

When I look at you, I see beautiful people who are smart, capable and competent. I hope that you show up as your authentic self knowing that you can lead with your heart and you can respond to every situation by being life giving.

Be who you are. Be your authentic self. Be open to possibilities and opportunities.”

KatyAbove all, Katy reminded us that it is important to remember:

“You are a beautiful person.
You are smart, capable and competent.
Listen actively.
Be graciously tenacious.
Lead with your heart.
Choose to be life giving.”
Thank you, Katy, for your immense wisdom, and gracious, fearless leadership!

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