What is a Leader? by Hannah Sharif

A Guest Post by Sophia Camp 2014 Junior Counsellor Hannah Sharif

Hannah with her little sister, Rachel.
Hannah with her little sister, Rachel.

Being a leader can have a different definition to everyone. I like to think of being the kind of leader that my little sister would want to look up to. Being an older sister is a huge job and it makes me look into myself more than I think I would if I were an only child.

Growing up and realizing there is someone younger looking up to me and following my examples was, and still is, a huge deal. It got me thinking that I really have to be careful about the things I say, or the outlook I have on life, because there’s a little one following in my footsteps.

Sophia Camp Junior Counsellor
Hannah was a great leader at our Sophia Camp. She enjoyed playing with the girls, and they really loved her!

One thing that I think a lot of girls forget to practice is kindness. Being kind to people is not only important but very necessary. It gives you a huge confidence boost when you can know that by the acts of kindness you partake in, the more good karma you will have coming your way.

Young girls, especially in middle school are going through a huge transition where they don’t know who they are or how they are supposed to act so they tend to follow people; so it is very important to try to be the kind of person people look up to in the best way possible and bring out the best in people.

Hannah Happiness
Hannah watches, encourages, celebrates the best in each girl.

Another thing that is extremely important is being confident in knowing that you are beautiful. Girls have such a tough time coming to this realization when they have so many critics around them all the time.

I don’t mean beautiful just in looks, but mostly on the inside. You can always enhance your natural beauty with makeup, but there is no makeup in existence that gives you a beautiful spirit and makes you beautiful on the inside; that is the kind of thing that you have to figure out on your own.

Hannah Leadership
Hannah made each of our Campers feel beautiful and special.

The thing that I think is absolutely most important is staying true to yourself. As you grow up people try to mold you into the people they want you to be, but the best thing to do is always have enough confidence in yourself, love yourself, and stay true to who you are. There is only one “you” and nobody else can be that person. So do the things that make you happy, the things that let your inner beauty shine through you so that you can share it with everyone around you.

I really think that there is nothing more special than having the power to adapt to all kinds of people and to have the kind of aura that attracts people to you. Having the gift of bringing out the best in people is something that not a lot of people have, so take advantage of it every chance you get!


Hannah Sharif is a recent graduate of Coronado High School, now beginning her career in the beauty industry attending Bellus Academy. Being half Iranian, half Norwegian, she has learned to adapt to different cultures and is able to find inner beauty in everyone because of that. Being raised by a single mother, Hannah has learned that family is very important and that women are just as strong, if not stronger than men. She has learned to be very independent and confident in her life because of the examples her mother set for her. This is her way of sharing what her mother taught her.

3 thoughts on “What is a Leader? by Hannah Sharif

  1. Beautiful Hannah! You are so right in knowing “there is only one YOU and nobody else can be that person.” Thank you for sharing your experience as a big sister to Rachel, and to all the girls at Sophia Camp this year. You inspire me with your writing.

  2. Hannah, I am so touched by your wisdom, grace, maturity, compassion and generous heart. Your sister is so lucky to have you – as are we! You are a star lighting up our world.

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