Sophia Camp: Story Through Photos

Blog post by: Nayana Peterhans

During the Sophia camp we did many things throughout the whole day.  Each morning we started by going on a nature walk.  Each nature walk had to do with what element we where learning about that day.  The elements are fire, water, air, space, and earth.  On the day of air we went to a swamp, with many different birds flying around in the air and through the wind.  Here are some photos from the nature walk we did on the day of air:

naturewalk4  naturewalk6  nature walk 1  naturewalk3naturewalk2  naturewalk7

The next day, it was fire day, and we went to a native plant garden and learned about how the plants here in San Diego survive the hot sun and desert climate.  Here are some photos from fire day:

naturewalk1  nature walk2
naturewalj4  naturewalk3

And lastly for water day we went to the Women’s Museum of California in Point Loma and learned how women have gained rights throughout history, and are still gaining rights.  We also got to try on some dresses from different eras.

naturewalk 1  naturewalk 2 naturewalk3  naturewalk4

After the nature walks we came back to the house and got a chance to go into the pool before lunch was served.

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Each day at lunch we had homemade vegetarian food and also a guest speaker, a woman leader who came to talk to us.

Gs3kQyi84R1Gx-ag4GmWJ16vbeqrsDxza6s6MLNonQM  IMG_6454IcY44tio_S1C408cEE5j-ocs1oSW9a9ZrRSAVg16gAA  CSK w BE

Lastly at the end of the day we did some arts, craft, and self care products.  Each day we made a flower with words on it describing you as a person, but the words related to the element we had learned about that day: earth, fire, water, air, and space.  One day we also got a small art lesson and got to learn how to draw a lotus flower!!  The self care products were made from all natural ingredients.

8NIfohXMWTfkZ5sR_nwASUCYCp2zkXZH4AsYZLMC-k4  IMG_1765 IMG_1775  l1N--7CIoMfJzJq-r6Z25-KKgv7Tnmymg5xgK0kqiwMQQ3Ek7Gl3Q83QlAli2I5bDOSUoF2bXR-ZKsqz8KQxI4  IMG_6539KjA4iY7UOzQRljQ8d4Bn891ilbh6iUgBhcoWps1NXKo,GG4uiAdMqfT9Cp_0rEBxhNjnetnsrub1q29GWPtElo0  T1617Qc7jV86EAVGEuV5qk-_ZCTF8y7EcmwIonB1Mpo,DJlB7isX2RB8boEN73o-O8po_1ICjatUCJVKbkrpJko

The Sophia camp provided a platform for the girls to bond and make new friendships and discover the leader in each one of us!

4 thoughts on “Sophia Camp: Story Through Photos

  1. An amazing recap of a week spent with all you wonderful ladies! It was such a pleasure to be a part of camp. I really enjoyed getting to know each of you and seeing you grow. What a beautiful group you are. ❤ xo

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