Sophia Camp 2014

Sophia ValuesWow. What an amazing time we had this week at the Sophia Leadership Camp for Girls. Thanks to everyone who made it happen, and thanks to our amazing girls who have all left deep imprints in our hearts.

Our wonderful junior counsellors Nayana Peterhans and Emma Frattasio made this terrific video to show our parents at our closing celebration. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed this fabulous week with fourteen fabulous girls!

sophia camp









2 thoughts on “Sophia Camp 2014

  1. What an honor and joy to lead our girls this week and see them blossom into beautiful, courageous, kind, and intelligent women. Go forth young goddesses and create the world you imagine. Remember there is truly only one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood 🙂

  2. Wow! What an awesome experience & honor it was to be a part of the Sophia Leadership Camp for Girls. Every day these girls blew me away with their insights & openness. Emma with her amazing talent as a writer, & Nayana behind the camara, or Bryn’s talent with music. When I looked at the girls journals, each one so unique, watched them learning to dive in the pool, or participating in the circle… These girls confirm for me the rightness of what we are doing with the Sophia Camp & they confirm within me their unique brilliance & capacity to be present in this world. I also learned a lot about myself, & my willingness to be present, my willingness to be a reflection of their magnificence, & to hold a space. At the beginning of the week, Laura Plumb had commented that she’d had the realization that the camp might be more life changing for the adults than for the girls! Well, for my part, I know it was at least equally life changing. I am so very honored to have the trust of the adults & young women alike, & can’t wait for next years Sophia Leadership Camp.

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