Sophia Dialogues

sophia dialogueSOPHIA DIALOGUES
Conversations and Perspectives on Feminine Leadership

Saturday, December 7, 5-7pm
Mission Hills United Church
San Diego


Men and women are invited.


Michael Tompkins

What does “Sophia” mean? How does it fit with our current worldview? How do we cultivate spiritual wisdom? Why does that matter, and  how might it impact our communities, our world? What are the references, examples from history? What is the path for sacred spiritual leadership going forward?

Celebrating and serving the sacred feminine, the divine mother archetype, the power and energy of peace can apply to all walks of life.

Shannon Thompson
Shannon Thompson

This engaging evening featuring talks, conversations, contemplations and sacred music with Pastor Scott Landis, Father Michael Tompkins,  Sacred Change Leader Shannon Thompson, Yogi Bhava Ram and IFW Founder Laura Plumb will explore different viewpoints, even provocative perspectives, on that which unites all of us: we all come from a mother, and all that “mother” represents needs to be nurtured in return for her life-giving powers and all-encompassing love.

Michael, Scott, Laura and Shannon have enjoyed numerous, often humorous, conversations on the importance of the Sophia, the wisdom Logos, and wanted to bring this conversation to our kula, our spiritually minded, sacred community.

Scott Landis
Scott Landis

This evening offers an opportunity for all to connect and consider how this energy runs though our lives, and if given a chance, supports our heart’s purpose, our soul’s journey and our spirit’s joy.

We invite you to join us as we seek audience participation, community dialogue, the roots of our oneness, and purpose in our  connection. Whether or not you are registered for The Sophia Conference, you are very welcome ~ and welcome to bring a friend or partner.

Sophia Dialogues
5-7pm, Saturday, December 7, 2013
Mission Hills Church
4070 Jackdaw St, San Diego, 92103

Map to Church
Map to Church


Learn more about The Sophia Conference here ~

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