The 2013 Sophia Conference

Cultivate the Sacred Feminine:
Empower, Honor and Celebrate Girls, Women, Sisters!

LPThe 4th Annual Sophia Conference 2013
Sunday, December 8th, 9am-4:30pm
Optional: 8am Sophia Yoga on the Bay with Amanda

@The Nautilus Room
Glorietta Bay, Coronado (San Diego)

Pre-Conference Sophia Workshops
Saturday, December 7th, 2-4pm

& FREE: The Sophia Dialogues
Saturday, December 7th, 5-7pm
Mission Hills Church, San Diego

Together we remember that every woman has all the wisdom and nourishment she needs right inside of her, and we model this for our daughters, our young female leaders of tomorrow. 

The Sophia Conference is on Sunday December 8, but this year, for the first time, your Retreat Registration includes a Pre-Conference Workshop of your choice on Saturday, December 7, in addition to general admission (open to friends and family alike, all are welcome) “Sophia Dialogues” on Saturday evening with male and female community leaders sharing wisdom and thoughts on the sacred feminine.

Our wonderful all-day Sunday “Conference” includes contemplation and conversations on the sacred feminine, explorations of sacred service, and of course song, dance, friendships, laughter,  a divine luncheon feast, sacred listening, sacred movement, sacred restoration, sacred chant, sacred breath, and above all, Sacred You.

You are invited to join us for The Sophia Conference 2013, and to join with us in growing a global movement cultivating feminine leadership and awareness, in our lives, in our communities, for our world.

When women remember their inherent value, the world is a better place for all.

Register Here

Sophia Conference2013

 Sunday’s all day “Conference” (really a retreat):

Amanda Collins, opening our day with Sophia Yoga
Laura PlumbWe Are Sophia Workshop
Hemalayaa Behl, with her riotous and playful Indian Dance
Anne-Emilie GoldCultivate the Voice of your Soul
Shannon Thompson
, Founder of Shakti Rising, cultivating the Feminine Leadership
Sally Tinker Smith leading our Sacred Listening Circle
Whitney Kear:  Sacred Music & Sacred Chant

Anne-Emilie: Cultivating Your Voice

This year, since it is the holiday season, with the price of the Conference we offer you a gift ~
Your choice of a Pre-Conference Workshop, Saturday 2-4pm:

Sharon PlacheCultivating your own Sacred Song
Anne Marie Welsh
Writing from Your Divine Feminine
Katariina Fagering: Creativity and the Audacious Feminine
Sophie Malahieude: Yoga for the Sacred Feminine
Laura Plumb: Cultivate the Sacred Feminine with Yantra

Please note: You can choose to attend ONLY the Sunday Retreat Conference, or, for the same price, choose to enjoy a Workshop and our Sophia Dialogues on Saturday.

Learn more about these FREE Workshops & Register 

Or: Register for Sunday OnlyHere

Katariina Fagering leading a Sacred Arts Circle

Saturday evening’s Sophia Dialogues feature:

Bhava RamScott LandisMichael TompkinsShannon ThompsonLaura Plumb
with Conversation and Contemplation on the power of the Sacred Feminine in our lives and in our world.
Fellowship Hall, Mission Hills United Church, Mission Hills, San Diego

Shannon Thompson's "We Are Sisters"

Each year The Sophia Conference is an exhilarating, deep, transformative, bonding, heart-opening and jubilant way to connect with like-minded sisters. We hope you will join us this year, Sunday, December 8th, on the glorious San Diego Bay and lend your sacred spirit to this important mission.


Sophia Conference Flyer pdf 2013


More photos and memories from The Sophia Conference of years past are here

Painting by Sophia Sister Alice Delp
Painting by Alice Delp

Why do we call it Sophia? Sophia is the Greek goddess of wisdom. It is a word that gives us the “sophy” in philosophy, theosophy, and anthroposophy. It’s a word to bridge Eastern philosophy with Western mysticism, while extending an open hand to every tradition and all seekers. It is of course, feminine and so are we. Our purpose is to remember our value,  to restore our authentic connection, commit to sacred leadership, and to renew ourselves through service.

Two of our Volunteer Executives who help us run the Leadership Camp for Girls have daughters named Sophia, and one of our first sponsors was San Diego’s Sofia Hotel, named for the owners’ grand-daughter. As a woman’s name, and the most popular name for baby girls in 2012, Sophia is a reminder to honor, nurture and care for our daughters, promoting a world that is safe, just and healthy for all girls, and ultimately all our children.

The word Sophia is more than a name; it creates a sense of relationship with our values helping us to remember, restore, respect and preserve all that we care for.

By the way, we care for Mother Earth, Mother Nature, our Mother Waters. We care for our daughters, and want them to grow up in a world safe, just, and fair. We care for all our children and wish for them every opportunity to learn, to grow, to know their essential value, and to live a life of purpose. We care for our loved ones. We care for ourselves. We care. For this, and so much more.

$90 for the Whole Weekend with advanced Registration 

Registration will close at noon on Friday, December 6th, after which it will be event registration only $108 at the door. 

Anne Emilie
Anne Emilie

Thank you for the generous donation from our sponsor, Coronado Bliss: dedicated to serving girls and women in our community ~

Coronado Bliss



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    1. Thank you, Tara. The photos are utterly divine! You are the best photographer for events because not only are your photos extraordinary, perfectly capturing the spirit of any event, but you are such a love to have around!

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