Sophia Camp for Girls

 Cultivating the spirit of our daughters to lead and uplift our world. 

Our first ever Camp was a great success!

The following Press Release sent out by SAFE explains, but could never truly convey, the intimacy, the connections, the learning and the joy.

August 23, 2013

Sophia Camp for Girls prepared young women to start the new school year with a sound mind, body and spirit. 

On August 17-19th, Coronado SAFE partnered with local integrative health leader Laura Plumb to lead 13 7th and 8th grade girls through a powerful 3-day journey designed to cultivate leadership and nurture girls’ inner wisdom and strength.

The camp featured a unique blend of movement, expressive-arts, self-regulating and stress reducing techniques, role-plays, and discussions.  Laura Plumb, together with Coronado SAFE Executive Director Andrea Webster and SAFE Counselor Jennifer Zajac, helped each young lady uncover and re-discover her inner strengths so that she can draw upon them for support in her daily life. Girls were guided through activities that raised self-awareness and promoted practices of good self-care. The girls discovered how to nourish their minds and bodies and maintain a balance within.

The idea for the Sophia Camp for Girls originated from Laura Plumb’s already-existing Institute of Feminine Wisdom’s Conferences, Retreats and Seasonal Circles for women, where soul wisdom is cultivated, spirits are nourished, and service is joyfully shared. Plumb approached Webster with the idea of launching this program for girls, and the two agreed to target the program toward young ladies in the height of their transition.

“We recognized that middle school is an incredible time of growth, change, and challenge for our young girls.” Webster said. “With Laura’s expertise, we designed this 3-day camp as a unique solution to help these young ladies develop a stronger inner strength that can guide them through these transitional years.”

*Read the article in the Coronado Eagle*


This year’s Sophia Leadership CAMP for Girls will be a five day overnight camp at a beautiful private cabin in Idyllwild.  For more information or to register your daughter for the Camp, please email

Thank you!


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