The Sophia Leadership is dedicated to nurturing the peace, power and flow of ancient feminine wisdom to cultivate tomorrow’s leaders, in turn restoring health and balance to our world. 

1. Promoting spiritual authority and uniting women in service and Inspired Leadership;
2. Renewing our “Grandmother’s Wisdom” to support wellness in our families and communities;
3. Honoring Mother Earth, and our mother waterways that give, nurture and preserve  life.

We call this “cultivating the Sacred Feminine” and we do it in three practical ways:

1. Inspired Feminine Wisdom Leadership Programs: We encourage the cultivation of innate spiritual strength, feminine wisdom, leadership and unity through our IFW Leadership Camps for Girls, and our IFW Leadership for a Golden Age Training, a new program unveiling in early 2014.

2. IFW Circles: Teaching Ayurveda, nature’s oldest comprehensive system of medicine, a wisdom that empowers individuals to remember that they are already whole, complete and possessed of an enormous capacity to heal and be healed; taught particularly to girls, young mothers and women so they can reclaim the “Grandmothers’ Wisdom,” our nourishing traditions in order to contribute naturally and sustainably to the healing of their families and humankind, in general.

3. IFW Waterways and other local actions have focused on cleaning up our communities, teaching sustainability and planting food and herb gardens in the inner city.  Internationally, we support Ganga Action Parivar to help restore and preserve the Mother River, the Ganges, whose waters, lands, people and culture have cultivated the wisdom traditions that  sustain us, and which we want to and “let it flow!”

IFW unites women in service, gifting our time and resources to our communities in practical ways – digging gardens, cleaning up rivers, serving food to the hungry, an annual financial gift to Shakti Rising ~ and raising money and awareness to sustain global cultures and traditions that foster the wisdom and authority of the sacred feminine, which has included gifts to The Muthasthi Project in India, and a new initiative with Ganga Action.

The Inspired Feminine Wisdom Mission: empowering  feminine wisdom to grow tomorrow’s leaders, promoting advocacy, education, awareness, inspiration.

We are always open to uniting with like-minded women, and to supporting women-centered communities seeking to remember more fully our  ancient, or what we call “our Grandmothers” wisdom. Please email me to connect: Namaste!

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